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SmartLookup for Plaxo
smartLookup for Plaxo


smartLookup for Plaxo is a mobile client application for Plaxo web-enabled contact storage and synchronization service.

In plain English: it is your Plaxo address book in your mobile phone, always with you, always up to date! 

Do you need smartLoookup?

  • Are you a plaxo customer already and would like to extend your service to your mobile phone?
  • Do you have a java-enabled phone?
  • Would you like to always have your friends' and colleagues' current phones, faxes and email addresses?
  • Are you a consultant, who goes from one project to the other and would like to have temporary contact lists?

If yes, then smartLoookup for Plaxo is an application for you!

Go to http://lookup.smart4smart.com and reach a new level of staying in touch!


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